Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Mini lessons

Sticky Situation (Artistic Behavior Questions)

1. Create original art: I believe my art is original because everyone else instantly assumed "ICECREAM!" and other foods and I noticed no one had thought of cotton candy. I thought it would be a unique idea and I could layer a background to give the piece some "pop." I used a swirling brush stroke (creatively) to give my cotton candy a texture as if it was actually everyone's favorite fair treat. 

2. Artist Collaborate: I got the idea to layer my background with black and white stripes after my fellow Student Hannah told me that's what she was doing (in a little different way) to her project. I realized I needed layering and that the black and white in the background would bring the pink in the cotton candy to the viewer's attention.

3. Artist solve problems: After getting "done" with my project Ms. Rossi told me that my cotton candy did not have enough value. I took it upon myself to fix the problem by shading and using swirled brushstrokes to add another dimension to my piece. If I wouldn't have solved this problem my art would appear more flat and "boring."

Sticky Situation (Cotton Candy)